MobiLearn was invited recently to observe a training session at a non-governmental organisation. This training class was a no-fee session and was an introduction to Google apps. There was an initial orientation on how to operate the desktop and then a dive into the Google apps through a combination of a slide deck and show [...]

In the past six years, mobiLearn’s mission has been creating videos that teach and inform a large section of South Africa’s population on how to become smart with their smartphones. MobiLearn recognises the value of communicating in local languages and we have created videos in 10 languages – we have even created a video in Urdu! To this [...]

Recently moved from iOS to Android? But now you’re trying to figure out how to transfer information, especially your WhatsApp conversations to your new Android? It may seem like you’re in a pickle but thankfully Google has made this process easier with their Android 12 update. Here’s how to do it The process of transferring [...]

Easily manage your personal income with the SARS MobiApp. Doing your income tax may seem like a daunting task that can sometimes be difficult to manage. With the SARS MobiApp, this task becomes easy and convenient to do. You can register for eFiling, submit your tax returns, make payments, and much more with the SARS [...]

Stay connected with your friends and family with the popular social media app – Facebook. Facebook has evolved into a diverse app that houses many features that aim to maximise convenience and productivity. From starting your own Facebook group to ensuring that your Facebook account is secure, we demonstrate this and much more in our [...]

WhatsApp connects us to people via text, voice calls, and even video calls. It’s become one of the most popular social media messaging apps. However, WhatsApp is not only limited to text and call features – it also offers us plenty of additional features that help make our lives easier. The course, Intro to WhatsApp [...]

Clubhouse is a new invite-only Social Media Platform that has recently been gaining popularity due to its unique way of communicating only through audio in what is known as ‘Rooms’. As more and more celebrities join the app, many seek to receive an invitation to be a part of this popular app. But what exactly [...]

Smartphones have evolved into computers that fit right into our pockets. But do you know what your Smartphone is truly capable of? From scanning documents to creating your own Slides, your Smartphone is capable of this and much more. In the course – Mobile Literacy: Getting Started on Android, we provide you with video tutorials [...]