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Integrating ZoomISO, H2R Graphics and Companion

Steps in this video

0:00 Introduction to Automating Lower Thirds
1:50 Listing of Apps in this Workflow
2:10 Steps that will be covered in this video
2:54 Introduction to H2R Graphics
3:41 Introduction to Companion
4:09 Introduction to ZoomISO
4:32 Overview of H2R Graphics
5:55 Overview of Companion
7:40 Integrating H2RG and Companon
8:33 Map a Companion Button to a graphic in H2RG
10:09 Overview of ZoomISO
10:59 Setting Up a Trigger in Companion

What we will cover

  1. An Overview of where to find and download each of the three apps; H2R Graphics, Companion and ZoomISO
  2. A quick overview of the H2r Graphics app
  3. Introduction to Companion and how it will integrate with H2R Graphics
  4. Using buttons to activate a particular graphic or lower third
  5. Connecting ZoomISO to Companion
  6. Setting up a Trigger with a variable in Companion.